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Cody Rogers -

CEO/Founder of Edge Studios & Professional Speaker

Phone: (1)815-592-9462


Looking for an engaging, funny, powerful speaker?

Since he attended his first entrepreneurship conference at the age of 10, Cody has started numerous ventures ranging from social media analytics, television, and application development. At the age of 16, he started Edge Studios - a media production company focused on creating media with a purpose. When the company first began, the mission was financially focused; then, after taking part in a life changing experience, the focus shifted to impact based. Thus, spawning Cody's speaking career.

Now, at 18, Cody has spoken across the United States on the topics of entrepreneurship, social media, and bootstrapping. However, his keynote message is this: when you change your perspective, you change the world. He believes that money can solve issues, but to truly grow a movement of change, people need to be shown the root of the problem and the people it effects. 

Between Cody's own experiences (many comical), and what he has learned over the past 8 years of being an entrepreneur, your audience is sure to be left inspired and driven to create an impact. He speaks to a wide range of audiences from Rotary Clubs, to schools, businesses, and conferences. You name it and he will tailor the topic to fit your need. Some topics include, but are not limited to: creating impact, youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, social media, bootstrapping, ethnography, and globalization.

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