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Edge Studio's mission is clear. To ignite positive change in the world through media. We believe that when you change your perspective, you can change the world. When it comes to solving issues, particularly social and global issues, money can solve problems, but to truly create a movement of change, people need to be shown the root of the problem and the people it affects. Additionally, Edge Studios believes that no job is too small. Whether it's a promotional video, a wedding, or a full fledge documentary, Edge Studios works hard to create the best possible product on the market. When you work with Edge Studios, you will get Media with a Purpose

Our CEO/Founder


Over the past 8 years, Cody has started numerous ventures ranging from social media analytics, television, and app production. At the age of 16, he started Edge Studios, a media production company focused around creating media with a purpose. 

During the summer of 2018, Cody attended a HOBY Leadership Seminar. It was here where he learned what his true passion was: creating positive change in the world. At this point, Edge Studios moved from financially based to an impact based company. This was the beginning of the documentary branch of Edge Studios. Cody has travelled both domestically and internationally pursuing stories that will make an impact on today's world.

Cody is also a professional speaker. Speaking has brought him around the country speaking on topics such as entrepreneurship, social media, and bootstrapping. However, Cody's main keynote message is this: when you change your perspective, you change the world. 

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